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by Mary Jean March 15, 2022 1 Comment

Churn Dash Star Installment #1

Hello Friends,           

By now everyone should have received their Riverside Knoll Quilt kit.  If you haven't watched the youtube Welcome Video check it out before you get started - Click here!

Let's get started!

Installment #1 is a bit time consuming.  Allow yourself some extra time to get organized and ready to go.  Don't be put off about the applique.  Although, while for most, it can be intimidating, take your time and pick the type of applique in your comfort zone.  For a challenge, check out my BackBasting Video link below.

Click here for the Installment #1 Video

Let's start with the center block.  This block is 8 1/2" square and has many pieces.  Follow along with me as we get this block going. 

1.  Cut out your block as instructed in the pattern (installment #1 only)  Don't cut ahead.

2.  Don't over starch or over press each individual unit.  It just allows for more stretch.  Lightly press just to set the seam.

3.  Keep your pieces for the center star and the outer Churn Dash separate.  Laying out your pieces in order will help you see the block more clearly for construction.

Here is a great tip on making the Flying geese units and your center Square in a Square unit!

I had a friend that made the most beautiful points on her Flying Geese units and I had to know how to do it.

Easy she said!  


                step 1                      step 2                        step 3

Step 1 - sew just a thread inside of the drawn line.  

Step 2 - press the gold triangle up matching the corners before you trim away.  This is a guide.  Your "kept" triangle should match the "trim away" triangle exactly. 

Step 3 - trim away the back of your unit to allow a 1/4" seam allowance.  Lightly press just to set the seam.

Pressing the seam before you trim away the excess makes a more stable seam. Once you trim, you have a bias seam which will allow for stretch.  Repeat on each side of the center unit and for both sides of the Flying Geese unit.  I bet you will see a difference.  

Finish all the steps as instructed in the pattern.  Measure the corner half square triangle units and trim if needed.  Lay out your completed units as show below and sew together carefully using a 1/4" seam.

Now let's tackle the Applique block!

This block can be done in many different ways.  There are no right way or wrong way.  What ever style of applique you feel comfortable with is a great way to go!  However,  why not challenge yourself to a new way?  Check out my youtube video on BackBasting. Click Here!

Also, click here for a BackBasting Tutorial on our blog.

Here's my tips for the applique block. 

  • Cut your background out just a bit bigger - maybe 9" x 9" so you can square it up when finished.
  • draw your guidelines on the back so your block is straight and centered.  This is always helpful when you need to have exact placement.

  • the stem of the applique block will overhang the block and be tucked into the half square triangle unit on the corner of the Churn Dash Star block.  Remember to allow extra stem for this next step.  Don't trim it off when squaring up the block.

  • The bottom 4 leaves are not all the same.  Three of the leaves are the lighter green and 1 leaf is a darker green.  It really doesn't matter where you place the darker one.  Refer to the photo for perfect placement however if you make a boo-boo don't sweat it!

Next installment we will be creating the connecting blocks to  see how the center comes together!

Check out our youtube channel for more ideas and videos!

Like us on Facebook and join our Riverside Knoll Sew a Long!

'Till the next Installment!  Ready, Set, Sew!  

Mary Jean Murphy - My Favorite Quilt Store






Mary Jean
Mary Jean

1 Response

Nancy Kline
Nancy Kline

March 22, 2022

I’ve finished the center block with 45 pieces. 🥳 Where can we share pictures and meet others in the group?
Happy Quilting

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